Let me start by explaining why I shop with confidence through Chinese web portals.
I have been happy and pleased to shop through AliExpress for the last 3-4 years and have completed about 400 trades. Of course, not everyone has been equally lucky and in these cases I have contacted the seller. If the seller and I could not agree, I subsequently opened a dispute where AliExpress then automatically goes into the broker role and the cases are quickly terminated.
Subsequently, I have recommended AliExpress to everyone I know and told about the security that exists and the easy way to find their portal and contact "a living person". In other words, you as a customer are taken really seriously.
The following is order number 3118054590
On May 15, I decided to get a heat press machine and found it on DHgate. Given the good experiences I had with the other Chinese web portal, I had no worries, so I found and ordered a heat press machine, and already the next day came the first shock. The seller contacted me and asked me to pay another $ 94.00. This was subsequently canceled when I contacted DHgate via Facebook and then I could just wait for delivery but no machine came.
On May 18, I was notified by the seller that my machine had been shipped and that I would later be given a tracking number.
On July 10 and the following days, I contacted the seller several times and got some bland answers. When I was using tracking, I could see that my machine had been in the same place for a very long time, and I asked the seller to contact the carreer to move on in the process.
On July 12, the seller stated that the item had disappeared and I received an offer that they would refund the amount. I would not accept this and a week later I was informed that the machine was sent to the wrong address ???
On July 15, I opened a dispute and it was agreed with the seller that he should send a replacement.
On August 1st I moved for the new tracking number which I received on August 9th.
On August 19, I then contacted customer service and then suddenly I was told that I had to prove that I had NOT received the first shipped machine. I contacted the local post office and according to them they had never had a shipment with tracking number VR077458764YP. But earlier, the seller had also informed me that it was sent to the wrong address so this was not strange.
On September 3rd, I inform customer service about this and then they ask me if I want my money back or a replacement.
Then my patience was exhausted, I was furious and felt accused so I asked the seller / DHgate for proof that I had received the first shipped machine. There had to be something with my signature or something else that could show that I had received the machine.
On September 9, I receive a message from customer service requesting mediation and a description of how to do this. However, there was no way to do this and I thought that it was once again because I couldn't find your weird and very complicated portal.
I again contacted customer service with this problem and again was accused of lying about receiving the first shipped machine (which, according to the seller, was sent to the wrong address).
Very much against my will I started a chat and here I felt for the first time that I was taken seriously and was told that I could not ask for a mediator when a dispute had already started, but that the person I was chatting with would take care of this.
Okay. I will make a report and raise this to our Higher Department who can coordinate with your seller on your behalf and help you with your order.
An update will be sent to your email address and dhagte inbox within 24-48 hours. Please check it from time to time.
Then I was relieved, but it just didn't happen anymore.
The seller has repeatedly offered me a refund, but this I will only accept if I get the full amount of $ 412.82 so I can buy a similar machine from a more reliable seller and if this is not possible I will have the machine I bought and paid for.
I do not think this is unreasonable and I have gone a long way in terms of patience and I feel that the seller fills me with one lie after another.
Why does the seller find that they have now, according to their own statement, shipped two machines that are both stranded somewhere unknown without investigating this and find a solution to this problem?
Each time I receive a customer service response, the message starts with the following text: First we would like to express our deepest regret for the inconvenience this may have caused you. At DHgate.com customer satisfaction is something that we take very seriously and would never compromise under any circumstances.
And the message ends with the following: Rest assured that everything is dealt with utmost urgency and we appreciate your trust in DHgate.com Should you have any other concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
This I find difficult to take seriously and my confidence in DHgate may lie in a very small place.
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